What is ?

It’s a local IP address that you can manage your ADSL, Router, Wi-Fi Repeater or any other smart device in your house. To reach you have to open a new tab in your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or others) Page Login page demonstration.

Opening on Browser

As you can see on the demonstration above, you simply put into your browser address tab. It will ask your default password and login details. Here are the possible login details of your device;

  • Username: admin /  Password: admin
  • Username: Admin /  Password: Admin
  • Username: root /  Password: admin

If those are not working, and you don’t know the default login username and password, please Google your device’s root password like this (Let’s say our device is Linksys X6200)

Simply make a Google Search; “Your device model” and Default login password just like this;

Searching for default password.

The Password that you’ve found did not work?

You may try to reset your device. Don’t forget that it will reset the entire data on your Router / Modem / Smart Device etc..

There is a small pin hole on the back of your device. Simply press and hold there with a pin for 5 – 15 seconds as the lights change.

After the reset, please try to login with the password that you have found on Google search.

Still, Cannot Login?

Well, there can be a predefined login for your device. Generally it’s on back of your Router / Modem or Smart Device. On the back of your router, there should be a tag just like that;

You will see the login details on this part. Please try these login info for your login page.